Whiskey Stix Udoughgirls Amazing Pretzel Snack!

Always Remember You Can Order Extra Stix and Keep them in Your Freezer!

Whiskey Stix Udoughgirls Amazing Pretzel Snack Hungry? Because now can be the perfect time to try them!  This snack is made with a buttery blend of sugars, spices, and whiskey make this pretzel a one of a kind snack and for this reason quite addicting. The mastermind behind Whiskey Stix™ is Kathy Boswell. It’s a comfort food that beats all hands down. It’s definitely a gourmet snack that goes with a fine wine or a stout lager. You snack on them while watching your favorite TV shows or spending time with friends and family. These snacks will always be a hit a gatherings and events!  People of all ages from toddlers to teens to senior citizens love this extraordinary pretzel!

Whiskey Stix Udoughgirls Amazing Pretzel Snack
                              Enjoy different sizes!

Pretzel Sticks America’s Favorite Go to Snack!

Americans love pretzel sticks as a in between snack. At work, at home, family events, work events, etc. Whiskey stix come in different sizes for on the go or a large bag for parties and get together’s.  Remember you can always buy a few bags and freeze trhe ones not in use. Take them out of the freezer and thaw them and they taste the same as if you bought them at the store that day!  We all love the easy grab and go snack that  is filling and satisfying. Udoughgirl’s twist on this favorite food. For this reason she works very hard to bring you a snack you will love and enjoy for years to come. Make your purchase today to enjoy and share your pretzel sticks with everyone! Meanwhile keep up with us on Facebook!

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