Whiskey Stix

Welcome To Whiskey Stix The Pretzel With a Kick!

The Pretzel with a Kick!

Welcome To Whiskey Stix The Pretzel with a Bite! These Pretzel Sticks are now a household snack favorite in Ohio because of the one of a kind flavor. Now sold in many locations all around Ohio. Made by a small company in Ohio that has become a huge success. Udoughgirl has reinvented the wheel.  Bringing you a unique snack for the entire family! The snacks are certainly to become one of your favorites! They will also most certainly become a part of your shopping list. This gourmet pretzel has a kick!  It’s a one of a kind snack that is above all wonderful and delightful. Blended sugars,spices, and whiskey make these pretzel snacks your go to snack! Everyone loves these pretzel sticks and raves about them! All of the alcohol is completely cooked off in the process and delivers a gourmet flavor that is unforgettable. Enjoy! 

Where can you find our Stix!

You Can Purchase Them HERE! Or in stores locally in northeast Ohio. We have our pretzels in grocery stores, wineries, breweries, and many other places. Make sure you recommend our sticks to your favorite hangout! Pass them to your friends and co workers so they can enjoy our sticks as well! Don’t leave anyone out! Not Even Your Boss! They will certainly bring you enjoyment and happiness. Therefore you can get The Stix in most of your favorite shops nearby!

We want to hear from you!

As the company grows we hope to bring our Pretzel Sticks all over the U.S. We are already receiving orders from everywhere. Our customers are sharing our pretzels everywhere. Please drop us a line sometime and let us know how much you enjoy our Stix. Don’t Forget to Like us on Facebook to see upcoming events and News! In addition to leaving a review here on our website so others can see how much families are enjoying our stix. Whiskey Stix is meant for families to enjoy together! We work very hard to continue to give you a product you deserve and LOVE! We work very hard to deliver the same product you know and come back to each time your at the store! Thank You All so much for the Support You have given this local company that is American Made. Thanks for Reading!