Whiskey Stix 12oz Bag for a Satisfying Snack

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The Large Bag of Whiskey Stix is the perfect amount when you need a snack that will satisfy you when you need it the most.



Whiskey Stix 12oz Bag the Big One

The Whiskey Stix 12oz Bag is Perfect for a Satisfying Snack!

Whiskey Stix 12oz Bag is Perfect for when you need a great snack to tide you over for a little while. Remember you can always freeze our whiskey stix and they will stay FRESH! A large bag of your favorite snack, whiskey stix can be just what you need when your in a crunch and need to be satisfied. Sometimes a small bag of Stix is just not enough. Whether you add them to gift baskets, give them away to friends, or provide a wonderful snack at a party or reunion. Now you can purchase an entire case and not worry about running out. Whiskey Stix are so good they run out quickly!

Large Bag of Whiskey Stix

Many of our customers purchase cases so they don’t worry about running out. The case of Large bags is perfect for a daily snack and great for stocking up. Get your case today and enjoy the perfect snack! Don’t forget to Like our Facebook Page for more information and to join our community on Facebook Click Here! Let us know about your experience with our Whiskey Stix! If your looking for a case of Whiskey Sticks you can Click Here!

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

11 reviews for Whiskey Stix 12oz Bag for a Satisfying Snack

  1. Susan green

    I have bought these they are so good

    • Kathy Sanders Boswell

      Thank You Susan!

  2. Cheryl

    Just bought these on our winery tour. Awesome. Going to shop more on you website.

    • Kathy Sanders Boswell

      Thanks Cheryl

  3. Aymee Steger (verified owner)

    Originally bought Whiskey Stix in West Branch, but have ordered from your website also. A big hit at parties and have given bags to family and friends. Everyone loves them!

  4. Sharon

    I tried these at a party only because a friend suggested it – I am not a huge pretzel fan. THEY ARE DELICIOUS!!!! I am ordering several for stocking stuffers and for our holiday parties:)

  5. Bruce Carter

    Very good and definitely defferent will be ordering some soon.

    • Kathy Sanders Boswell (verified owner)

      Thanks Bruce! We really appreciate the feedback!

  6. Allen

    Got from my son for Christmas, they are the best. Will be buying more in the near future.

    • Kathy Sanders Boswell (verified owner)

      That is Great!!! Glad you enjoyed your Christmas!!!

  7. Allen Kirkland

    Best pretzel ever

    • Kathy Sanders Boswell (verified owner)

      Thanks Allen!!!

  8. Clarissa Ansell

    My sister bought these in Walnut Creek, Ohio. I tried them and niw im obsessed with them.

  9. Peg Birchfield

    I tried the Whiskey Stix . A friend of mine has an antique store and sells them there. I just couldn’t stop eating them. They are absolutely the best snack I’ve had.
    Can’t wait to get my hands on them again.

  10. Cindy Roach

    They take rosemary Chex mix to a whole different level!! Probably the regular Chex mix also. Just break Styx in half and add after baking. Do not bake. Absolutely amazing. Addicting Chex mix lol

  11. Kevin Howard (verified owner)

    Purchased 5 bags of whiskey stix a few months ago and they came in perfect condition and are excellent. Purchased 5 more bags of whiskey stix a few days ago and received them today 1/13/24, every bag the pretzels are busted up. Not happy with purchase!

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