Whiskey Stix Box of 30 Small Bags



Whiskey Stix Box of 30 Small Bags

Whiskey Stix Box of 30 Small Bags

Whiskey Stix Box of 30 Small Bags is Perfect for family gatherings, gift baskets, or resale for small business. Remember you can always freeze our whiskey stix and they will stay FRESH! A case of whiskey stix can be given out at company meetings, small to large events, or as a treat for lunches. This is perfect for purchasing and planning. Whether you add them to gift baskets, give them away to friends, or provide a wonderful snack at a party or reunion. Now you can purchase an entire case and not worry about running out. Whiskey Stix are so good they run out quickly!

Mixed Case of 20 Large Bags and 30 Small Bags

The mixed case is also good for our retail customers

Many of our customers purchase cases so they don’t worry about running out. The case of Large bags is perfect for a daily snack and great for stocking up. Get your case today and enjoy the perfect snack! Don’t forget to Like our Facebook Page for more information and to join our community on Facebook Click Here! Let us know about your experience with our Whiskey Stix! If your looking to only buy a few bags you can Click Here!

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 15 in


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